Friday, February 26, 2010

but...sometimes Autism Rocks!!!!

I want to apologise for my last blog. I know it was all true and written from the heart, but it was a bit depressing. I'm a really optimistic person, to a fault sometimes. My brother once told me that if he lost a leg, I'd say "Ah well, at least you've still got the other one!". It's not that I'm unsympathetic, I just can't help myself! Things can always be worse!

So I've decided to rectify the situation. Because, yes, sometimes autism sucks, but often it ROCKS!
I've been thinking a lot of the positive things that autism brings to our lives, and here's what I've come up with:

Button will never be embarrassed or think it's not cool to give me kisses and hugs. He could not care less about what others think of him, so shows no reluctance to throw his arms around me and kiss me as only he can! Usually by pressing his forehead into my face!

I will never have to worry about him keeping up with the latest trends. No peer pressure for my little man!

He doesn't want the latest game console or gadget (though he does love his/my iTouch). He is completely happy with his baby toys. If it makes a noise or flashes a light, Button is entranced. I stopped buying him the things I thought he should like years ago. This year Santa brought him squirty bath toys! Big success!

Every small achievement is significant and cause for celebration. We rejoice in him and never put too much pressure on him. His happiness is our ultimate goal.

He sees the good in everybody. He is not cynical or jaded or critical of others. To Button the world is full of good people.

He still thinks that Mr Taz and I are absolutely hilarious! We don't get the rolling of the eyes and the "Oh Muuuuuuuum!" that so many of my friends with children of the same age experience.

He has made me a better person. 'Nuff said on that really! No need to explain, you all know what I mean.

So you see, even though we have our down days and times when life seems unbelievably unfair, we also have so much to be grateful for. Time to count our blessings, I think! Oh, I can't believe I nearly forgot the most important one.....we get to skip the queues in Disneyland!!!!


  1. lovely post and all true for my little man too! well done x

  2. i love it tazz, sometimes we can forget the good things amongst the hard times.....well done on a gr8 blog

    P.S. iv used the skipping in euro disney, felt like royalty thanks to my butterfly

  3. Lovely post Taz...well done!

    And you've NOTHING to apologise for as regards your previous post ;-) xx Jazzy

  4. appologise, why, if thats the case il have to appologise for every post ive written pml

    such a lovely post hun, i enjoyed your last post as it showed that reality really can slap you one sometimes, but without that slap we cannot recover, adjust and move on

    such a beautiful tribute to button, really enjoyed this post

  5. No need for a apology Taz, its only the truth. Lovely blog once again, we too will get to skip the queues shortly in DLP too and can't wait. xx

  6. aww well done honey, excellently & simply your blog xx

    and your brother is soooo right lol

  7. You put a big smile on my face...our kids are great xxx

  8. Absolutely nothing to apologise for - afterall this is a rollercoaster.
    Beautiful blog, very touching. .......

  9. A great post and it applies to our NSLM just as much as well - which is why we appreciate him and love him so much!

    We'll be getting to skip those skips in Disneyland Paris too in a few weeks time ...

  10. You are a real person who has good days and bad just like all of need to explain. I do enjoy how you have elucidated on the fact that autism does ROCK sometimes as well. There are so many blessings that we have in our little guys, so many things to be grateful for...tis true! Hugs to you all!

  11. Staying positive and sharing it is important Taz, sure.
    But being honest about the bad days and the difficult feelings is also valuable as it makes others feel less alone and ashamed when they have those days too.

    I have one more advantage to autism - NO SLEEPOVERS!

    we won't have a house full of other people's children running around and annoying us ever.

    Now, if I could just get my kids to SLEEP THROUGH - I'd be happy... xx

  12. I have the biggest smile pasted on my face right now. The happy bits outshine the sad days in our house too and I get such a kick out of them, and from Button too. This is really enjoyable, I am going back to read it again:) Jen

  13. Lovely post Taz :) Every cloud has a silver lining and Munchkin lights up my life on a daily basis making me smile and laugh with her antics xxx

  14. That is fabulous! But don't apologize for sharing your true feelings. We totally get it. And if someone doesn't, oh well.

    You are right, there are goods and bads for sure.