Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Happy 10

The wonderful Jen, over at The King and I, has tagged me for a Happy 101 award! The deal is that I have to write about 10 things that make me happy every day. Never one to walk away from a challenge (unless it involves physical exertion) I am happy to oblige!

1. The obvious - my gorgeous, happy, healthy children. There were many years when I thought I'd never be able to have 1 child, let alone 2, with baby #3 (or Smallie as we refer to him) in the pipeline. Every day I look at them and count my blessings.

2. My lovely Mr Taz. He is a wonderful husband and father and he makes me laugh so hard that I'm glad my pelvic floor never went through the rigours of pregnancy and child-birth!! Through all the ups and downs of adoption, autism and parenthood, he's always supported me 100%.

3 My parents. I had the happiest childhood you could possibly imagine, and today my parents are healthy and as madly in love with each other as ever. They have set the bar really high for me and it's my ultimate goal for my children to have as many happy memories of their childhood as I do of mine.

4 Cake! I love cake! having recently gone back to Weight Watchers, I can't enjoy it as often as I'd like to. But a nice cake makes me very, very happy!! And a chocolate cake makes me positively ecstatic!!!

5 My facebook family. You guys and gals have been my comfort and support for a year now, and you are the nicest bunch of people I know. I'm a blow-in to the town where I live and making friends has never come easily to me, but now I have you all to chat with and a certain select few to have coffee with. You're all a little bit crazy too, you do know that don't you?

6 This is stretching the "every day" aspect of the challenge. But i do get very happy when my house is tidy!!!

7 That moment where the children are in bed, and you sit down in front of the telly to watch a programme other than Dora or Peppa Pig! Bliss!

8 I have a photo in the kitchen of Button and Belle laughing. It's impossible not to smile when you look at it, so I have palced it on the window ledge beside the sink. If I'm having a "moment" I look at it and all's right with the world again. I'll post it on Facebook later and see if you agree!!

9 Watching my children head off happily to school. Button hops on his bus every morning and Belle skips in to playschool as happy as larry. After the horrendous first year we had with Button in school, knowing my children are in the right educational placement for them, makes me happier than you could ever imagine. And it's not something I take for granted, believe me!

10. My bed. This includes my electric blanket and my new goose father and down duvet! Aaaaahh!!!!

Not a very exciting list, but these truly are the things that make me happy! Can I have my award now, Jen?


  1. Lovely blog post, not boring at all and all ten are happy so you fulfilled your task!! Hope you find many more happy things in life. xxx

  2. Lol at 6 & 7, I find them most enjoyable too. Wish I could have the tidy house more often though, want to visit and help out??:D:D Thanks for joining in, this one has been great fun:) Jen.

  3. getting a Homer moment at chocolate cake....MMMMMMM CHOCOLATE!!!! xxx

  4. mmmm cake and mmmmmmmmmm bed! sounds like a good ten to me!

  5. Fab ten missus! I wish I'd read it before I did mine now lol. I love my goosedown duvet too and cake... How could I forget cake and chocolate! Laughed at your number 7... The amount of times I've realised that Munchkin is in bed so theres not need for a snorting pig or spanish speaking handyman in the background... (well the latter might be nice if he wasn't a cartoon hehe) xx

  6. Lovely ten, and a great tribute to your family and everyone here on Facebook.

  7. How about chocolate cake, cup of tea made fresh and brought to you to have IN THE BED with leccy blanket and goose feather quilt?? That would be a pretty good day. (don't let chocolate melt on the leccy though)

  8. A lovely, funny Happy 10 Taz! xx Jazzy

  9. Great list! Right now the bed seems the most appealing to me because although it is early in the morning I am so sleepy and want to go back to bed but I just hate sleeping the day away! But your description of it sure makes it sound good right now! (Yaaaaawn!!)

  10. A great 10 - enjoyed reading it very much Taz.