Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 things about me

I love being tagged! It saves me having to come up with an idea for a blog! So I was delighted to be tagged by both Jeanie and Lora to do this post! But once again - I'm showing how completely dull I am! You have been warned......

1.Things that scare me

- Not being able to find one of the children
-Something happening to me while the children are still small
-Rollercoasters - even the little kiddie ones make me really nervous!

2.People who make me laugh

- Mr Taz - every single day!
- Michael McIntyre -LOVE him!
- My brother - I can appreciate him now, but he drove me nuts as a child!! He once convinced me I had a talking bed by hiding underneath it and having a chat with me!

3.Things I hate the most

- Rudeness - there's just no need.
- Discrimination
- Pineapple

4.Things I don't understand
- Racism
- Negative people
- Quantum Physics

5.Things I am doing right now
- watching Belle blow bubbles :)
- listening to "Tom and Jerry - The Nutcracker" playing for the umpteenth time on the television,
- having a cup of tea

6.Things I want to do before I die

- grow very, very, very, old!!!!
- go whale watching
- learn to play the piano

7.Things I can do
- bake
- cross stitch
- touch my nose with my tongue! But I only demonstrate this after a few drinks - it's not an attractive look!

8.Ways to describe my personality
- positive
- fair
- shy

9.Things I can't do
- play the piano
- speak a foreign language
- sing - doesn't stop me belting out a few tunes in the privacy of my kitchen though!!!

10.Things I think that you should listen to
- good music
- your children
- your inner voice

11.Things you should never listen to
- people who start a sentence with "I'm not racist but..."
- rap music - I'm going to sound like my father here, but that's just noise!
- Barney - yes, the purple dinosaur! he's banned in our house.

12.Things I'd like to learn

- the piano
- Thai
- how to not worry about things that are outside my control

13.Favorite foods
- cake
- cake
- cake

14.Beverages I drink regularly
- hot chocolate
- coke

15.Shows I watched as a kid
Famous Five
- Wombles
- Hong Kong Phooey

So there you have it! I'm not going to tag anyone - but if you want to take up the challenge, feel free!


  1. If I ever meet a dinosaur I would train it to eat those Barney Kids

  2. I LOVE the talking I want one XXX

  3. ROFL at talking bed, still laughing. I don't have a brother!! Jen.

  4. I have THREE brothers, so I totally get this xxx

  5. hahahaha... a talking bed thats brilliant :) xx