Friday, May 21, 2010

Tazzy is Grumpy

I was tagged by a very grumpy Jen over at the King and Eye to list 7 things that make me grumpy. Just 7?? Is that all???

1. Early mornings! Every now and then, Button decides that 5.30 is a perfectly reasonable time to get up, and invariably, these mornings fall on the day of the weekend that happens to be Mr Taz's lie-in. Then on my lie-in everyone will sleep until 8.30! It's sooooooo unfair!

2. Lack of sugar! I am a sugar addict - and if I don't get a fix I get very grumpy indeed. My latest indulgence is sherbet dib dabs - you don't get much more sugary than those!

3. People who get off escalators or travelators and don't move on when they get to the top- you know who I mean, they stand there, having a chat about which way to go now! MOOOOOVE!!!!!! I nearly took some old lady's ankles out this morning with the buggy, and bizarrely, I ended up apologising to her!

4. Checkout operators who read the cover of your magazines as they're scanning them through! I once had a girl actually flick through my mag while I was packing the shopping. Cheeky mare!

5. Losing things. This is a big issue for me. I get unreasonably upset over things going missing, whether it be toys, paperwork or even socks! You would imagine that this would inspire me to keep a very tidy house........

6. When I order a Chinese and it's not as nice as I thought it was going to be :o(

7. There's not much about Mr Taz that makes me grumpy (he's a fast learner, and I've been using ABA techniques on him!), but he has never learnt to hang out washing properly. He seems to think it's ok to hang everything from the middle, so I have to go out and redo it all when he's not looking.

That was (rather unsurprisingly) easy! Don't be fooled by the sunny, positive exterior - inside I'm a seething ball of grumpiness! Oh, and if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!


  1. I so love the last one, sounds like something I would do lol. Good blog :)

  2. Lol, I am getting it from all angles today, Jean called me impudent, you are calling me grumpy, jeesh, you are a cheeky bunch :D NUMBER THREE............oooohhh, that really gets me going, I hope you took a chunk off her ankle lol. Jen.

  3. Tara, your grumpiness made me smile, so thanks... lol. One thing that you didn't mention and maybe it would be No.8 is punc'tu;at,io,n!!!! ds dis mk U grmpy??? lol

  4. Gotta say the escalator thing drives me nuts!!!!!!!!
    Have you considered fitting the buggy with spikes???

  5. mine is people not indicating in cars! "my physic is not wirking today!!!" xxx

  6. Great list Tazzy! I also hate it when a treat like a Chinese isn't as good as you hope: really takes the good out of it xx

  7. The escalator thing just bugs me. And men and hanging the washing! If you want it done well, you might as well just do it yourself!

  8. Sorry my dear that I haven't been around here for so long. You are still in my thoughts though. I have missed reading your blog and love this post. You are such a dear friend and I feel bad that I haven't been around to support you.

    I think that I will hold off on the grumpy post for now because I just posted a rather...well, very grumpy post and think that my next one should be a bit more positive.

    You have made me smile with your grumpiness because I can relate to several of them. Hugs to ya Sweetie!