Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2nd time lucky!

As I'm sure you can imagine, our arrival home was nothing like we had imagined. No banners and balloons in the airport to greet us, no cheering crowds, no open-top bus - ok, so maybe that would have been pushing it a bit, but a girl can dream!! Instead, we slunk quietly home with an empty car seat and broken hearts. It was the hardest day of my life.

I pretty much hid myself away when I got back, I didn't want to have to keep repeating the story to people who were expecting to see me with Button, it was all too raw. Mr Taz was my rock, he protected me from well-meaning visitors and screened phone calls. I have never loved him more than I did in those tough weeks. He phoned Thailand regularly, and after 2 weeks, we were told that Button was out of hospital and doing much better. We could go back and get him!

Once again, bags were packed, flights were booked and fingers were firmly crossed!! Our trip this time was, to say the least, complicated. It involved a delayed flight, a missed connection, overnight in Amsterdam and a slight detour to Delhi (yes, I said Delhi! - but that's a whole blog in itself!), but we eventually arrived in our by now familiar hotel. After a brief nap and a very badly needed shower we were taken to see Button again, but not in the hospital - in the Baby Home! I cannot even begin to describe how it felt to see him again. No tubes or wires, just my son.

While we were in Bangkok, an event called the Nativeland Visit was taking place. Every 3 years the Thai Government invite all the Thai children who have been adopted around the world to return for a week of activities, and a special audience with the Princess. So there we were, with the newest addition to this adoption family, surrounded by hundreds of Thai-born kids with American, German, Dutch and of course Irish accents! It was a wonderful, if slightly surreal experience, and very comforting to see such happy well adjusted children and young adults, even if (as one American teenager told us) they'd rather have gone to Hawaii!!

Our goal was simple - to get Button and return home as quick as we could before he got sick again!! So 6 days later we were on our way. It was an uneventful trip for the most part, except for what has gone down in family history as "The Amsterdam Incident". Suffice it to say it involves a very messy nappy, and a well aimed wee! No fancy-schmancy coming home clothes for me and Button, but Mr Taz looked as fresh as a Daisy!

The banners and balloons were there, as were the doting grandparents and aunts and uncles (who all managed beautifully to hide their shock at seeing such a small, sickly baby). And on the drive home from the airport we had a baby in our car seat at last.


  1. The excitement for yourselves and the extended family must have been incredible. I have been waiting with baited breath for this post and really look forward to the next one (no pressure!). Jen

  2. yeah here come the tears.. hurry up and write the next chapter !!

  3. What an incredible journey you have taken. It must have been an amazing experience to meet all the kids during the Nativeland Visit. Am gripped to your story like the others and looking forward to reading more xxx

  4. Next chapter please.As ever what a lovely blog and when button's new brother or sister arrive's we will all be there at the airport this time so he/she can meet the big autism family as well.Katy

  5. A journey both metaphorically and literlly...wow taz, i need a little lie-down after that...your life reads like a rollercoaster xxx

  6. Fabulous Tazzy...what an amazing journey. And to think they organised the Thai party for your return visit to collect your son;))

    Can't wait to read more....xx Jazzy

  7. awww id say you were over joyed to have him home and know if he got sick again you had great hospitals here to help him, cant wait to read the next one im hooked

    mandie xx

  8. oh I just love the Princess of Thailand and the Nativeland idea! I am only just coping with this story because I know how it comes out. Really great that you are working in through it for the sake of other families TAZ! xx
    Btw; You were right about Amsterdam - excellent airport for transfers. No assistance needed. xx

  9. ps. I put Boo in a bright Orange Saplings T-shirt for the transfers so I could spot him quickly when he wanders away. Ha Ha! of course there is a whole shop selling Orange tees in Schippol, and loads of people wearing them DOH! xx