Monday, December 28, 2009

a slight deviation from the story....

I'm taking a bit of a liberty today and veering ever so slightly off the topic of Button and his journey. You see, this blog was never meant to be just about how sick he was and the struggles he has been through, but I felt the story had to be told as it is all part of who he is.

But today, as I look at him playing with his beloved LeapPad and watching Hi5 dvd's, I wanted to dwell on the present rather than the past. I know his story so far may seem sad and tough, but he is so much more than his past. He is a happy, funny, healthy little boy, who just happens to have Autism.

I'm not a particularly religious kinda girl, but I'm a great believer in fate - as my granny used to say "what's for you won't pass you". And I firmly, with all my heart believe that Button and Belle were "for us". People often say to me how "lucky" my children are. To be perfectly honest, they are not. It is not lucky to spend the first few months of your life in an orphanage, nor is it lucky to be taken away from all that is familiar to you and placed in the arms of a stranger. Mr Taz and I are the lucky ones - and fate was certainly smiling on us the day our children joined our family.

I have been lucky in so many ways. I have a really wonderful husband, healthy and loving parents, a pretty cool brother and lots of great in-laws. All of them have been so supportive of Button and have taken the time to learn about autism and how best to interact with him to get the best from him and cause him the least stress.

And now I have a new reason to feel lucky! Well, at last count 165 new reasons. My wonderful, amazing, inspiring, absolutely hilarious new facebook friends. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for all the love support and fun that you have brought me this year. Through the good days and the bad you have been there, just a click of the mouse away. I've said before that if it wasn't for adoption and autism, I wouldn't know anyone! And I'm so glad to know you.

I hope you all have a really happy and healthy New Year, full of wine, chocolate and full night's sleep.


  1. Fantastic blog, I am privileged to count you as one of my brilliant fb friends and you will always be my roomie. I wish you and Mr Taz and your wonderful Button and Belle all the best for the new year to come. xxx

  2. Aw shucks doll!!! Like Andra, it's an absolute honour to be counted among your friends. It's also lovely to be allowed walk along your path with you xxx

  3. Ah thank you:) Its been great having you as a friend too and I look forward to all of our 'gang' hanging out for a long time to come:) Happy New Year to you and yours. Jen

  4. Taz i love it,i also have said because of our journey i have met so many great people and you along with all the other many members of the crazy gang are among them,so thankyou Taz and an honour to know you

  5. right back at you xx and its a privilige that im also your friend.....i know only too well how valueble our little group on facebook, r shld i say big group. Happy New Year to You, Mr Tazz, Button and Belle, may 2010 be the best xxx

  6. So delighted to be considered a friend. Its been a privilage to get to know you. I too believe in the "whats for you won't pass you by."

    Hoping that 2010 is a great year for you and Mr. Taz, Button and Belle xxx

  7. Tara, I finally took some time and sat down to read your blog - wow - words fail me. I had no idea that the beginning was so difficult - you are my all-time super hero and I feel absolutely honoured to count you as one of my friends. Here's hoping that 2010 is a wonderful year for you, Mr. Taz, Button and Belle xxxx.

  8. Aww....lovely post Taz!

    Fb is indeed a wonderful invention and I too am honoured to have met you through it. (I know I "met" you originally through RC but I got to "know" you through fb!!)

    Happy New Year to you and and your lovely family Taz. xx Jazzy

  9. lovely blog, thanks for the inspiration and push to do my own bloggs too and for all the support on fb xx

    fate is a wonderful thing xx

  10. Wow! I just read your entire blog and you are a woman to be admired! Yes indeed there has been adversity and it is great to find that you are so positive in spite of it all.

    I read so many blogs each day and so many stories that, by comparison, tell of so much struggle yet so much strength. And yours is no different though you choose to live in the present and love life exactly the way that it is! Kudos to you and Mr. Taz!

    I wish for you to find hope in reading our blog because Griffin used to be a baby who was unbelievably worlds apart from where he is now. There is lots of hope and even as things are now there is so much love in your family that that is all that matters! With that much love you will go so far and life will be so wonderful even when it's tough.

    I will be here to support you through all of it. I have made many a friend through it and through FB and I wouldn't be where I am emotionally without the great support of others along the way!

    Please request to be my friend on FB.